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Southern Aggregates Project - Rock Systems, Inc.


A construction sand & gravel company committed to purchase a new processing plant for a new
site to screen, wash and stockpile concrete sand and coarse aggregates. These finished products
are used to satisfy the needs of a new concrete ready-mix plant. In addition, the company needed
to produce golf course sand and utility bedding aggregate for construction projects in the area.
The sand and gravel deposit was located under water in a large pit, which was harvested with a
suction dredge and piped to a static dewatering screen to remove most of the silty waste water.
The sand and gravel contained silty deposits so additional washing was required. A front end
loader was selected to feed the native sand and gravel into a large feed hopper at the rate of 200
tons per hour.

Rock Systems was selected as the supplier and was issued a purchase order to design and
furnish the necessary equipment to complete the processing plant. Careful consideration was
given to design discharge chutes and collecting hoppers that connect equipment components to
each other. Conveyors were sized and positioned to properly transfer materials and for
stockpiling finished products. The water supply was provided to each equipment item for washing
the sand and gravel. The silty waste water was discharged back into the settling ponds.
The equipment items Rock Systems provide follow:

 Weir/Trio 36” x 6’ electromechanical pan feeder
 2 each R.D. Olson 5’ x 16’ triple deck portable wet screens
 2 each Weir/Trio 36” x 25’ sandscrew washers
 Weir/Trio 36” x 18’ coarse material washer
 2 each Rock Systems 24” x 60’ stationary stockpiling conveyors
 Rock Systems 30” x 30’ transfer conveyor
 Rock Systems 24” x 60’ radial stockpiling conveyor
 Rock Systems 36” x 90’ wash plant feed conveyor
 2 each Rock Systems 30” x 80’ radial stockpiling conveyors