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Inventory Number: 502-60R

Rock Systems 60' Long Radial Stockpiling Conveyor, Model 502-60 complete as follows: (Available Widths: 24", 30", 36", 42" & 48")

a) Head terminal includes TEFC electric motor; Dodge shaft mount speed reducer with internal backstop; v-belt drive and drive guard; 14" rubber lagged head pulley mounted on 1045TGP shafting with Dodge pillow block bearings; head pulley nip guards.

b) Tail terminal includes 12" diameter self-cleaning tail pulley mounted on 1045TGP shafting with Dodge pillow block bearings; screw take-up assemblies; tail terminal guard.

c) Receiving hopper with skirtboards, rubber flashing and nip guards.

d) Stackable conveyor frame constructed of 8" channel iron with 2" square tube reinforcement making a rigid framework.

e) Conveyor belting, 2 ply with 3/16" top rubber cover and 1/16" bottom rubber cover; Flexco 140 mechanical belt splice.

f) CEMA "C" conveyor troughing idlers 35 degree deep with 5" diameter rolls mounted on 4' centers; CEMA "C" troughing idlers 20 degree deep with 5" diameter rolls mounted on close centers at the load point; CEMA "C" return idlers with 5" diameter rolls mounted on 10' centers.

g) Pit portable undercarriage constructed of square tube with cross bracing, permitting adjustable inclination of conveyor from the travel position to the operating position; swivel wheel assemblies to position wheels for travel mode or radial mode for stockpiling; single wheels with spindles and LT235-85R-16/10 pneumatic tires

h) Ring type tow hitch; pivot plate assembly to operate conveyor in radial mode.

i) One rust inhibitor prime coat and one finish coat gray paint for all equipment; one finish coat safety yellow paint for all guarding.

j) Optional equipment includes electric motor controls or wiring, power radial traversing drive, power undercarriage raise/lower feature, belt scraper, safety stop switch with pull cords, return idler guards, discharge hood, hood covers, walkway, belt scale.

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