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Nordic - Parks Bar Quarry - Rock Systems, Inc.

A California contractor obtained a permit to develop a hard rock quarry to produce construction
materials. The quarry rock is considered very dense and, when tested, qualified for a Corps of Engineers
certification for rip-rap and slope protection materials. A heavy duty rip-rap sorting plant was envisioned
by the contractor to produce the following products:

- Plus 36” jetty stone

- 18” x 36” large rip-rap

- 6” x 18” rip-rap

- Minus 6” quarry fines

- Gabion Rock

Rock Systems was chosen by the contractor to provide plant equipment capable of a production rate of
500 tons per. The heart of the plant is a 52” wide x 24’ long two stage heavy duty vibrating grizzly feeder
with adjustable grizzly bars. Included is a sixteen ton capacity hopper constructed of 1” thick steel plate
mounted above the feeder; heavy duty discharge chutes constructed of 1” thick steel plate; structural
steel, skid mounted support structure. The plant recently completed an emergency order of 500,000 tons of rip-rap quarry rock required to stabilize a nearby large dam experiencing failure.