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Inventory Number: 104-B

Rock Systems Scraper/Truck Drive-Over Unloader, Model 104-B complete as follows:

a) 10'-9" x 14'-8" hopper opening constructed of 3/8" thick steel plate with reinforcing; struck hopper capacity 22.2 cubic yards (30 tons of material weighing 100 lbs/cu. foot).

b) Heavy duty pipe grizzly.

c) Adjustable gate to control material flow.

d) Removable handrails with wheel bumpers.

e) Fabricated steel support structure with heavy duty structural beams and 1/4" thick plate steel enclosure on three sides.

f) 48" wide heavy duty discharge conveyor with Nord 40 h.p. gear motor drive, Dodge 18" diameter rubber lagged head pulley mounted on 4-7/16" shafting; Dodge 12" diameter snub pulley mounted on 2-7/16" diameter shafting; Dodge 16" diameter self-cleaning tail pulley mounted on 2-15/16" diameter shafting; screw take-up assemblies; Dodge Type "E" pillow block bearings; full length skirtboards with REMA 3/4" thick adjustable rubber flashing; 20 degree CEMA "C" rubber impact idlers mounted on 1' centers under load point; 20 degree CEMA "C" troughing idlers mounted on 18" centers thereafter; CEMA "C" return idler with return idler guards; US Flex S4 Grade I vulcanized endless conveyor belting with 3/8" x 3/16" rubber covers; Flexco Rockline belt scraper; tail, nip and snub pulley guards.

g) Fabricated steel wing walls.

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