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Inventory Number: 102-A

Rock Systems model 102-A Dozer Trap with Belt Feeder complete as follows:

a) Dozer trap/reclaim tunnel skeletal framework constructed of W6x15 and W6x12 structural beams.

b) 1/4" thick plate steel enclosure.

c) Vertical side skirtboards with 3/8" thick abrasion resistant steel liners.

d) Radial gate to adjust discharge setting of feeder.

e) Vertical bulkhead 3' high positioned on top of enclosure (side bulkheads not included.

f) 36" wide x 6' long roller belt feeder with 10 h.p. fixed speed electric motor drive, OSHA guard, shaft mount speed reducer, flat belt CEMA "C" idlers mounted on 8" centers; vulcanized endless 3 ply belting with 3/16" x 1/16" rubber covers.

g) One rust inhibitor prime coat and one finish coat paint.

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