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Barge Loading System - Coal Transfer - Rock Systems, Inc.

Barge Loading System – May 2017


Newark, New Jersey


An energy company shutting down one of its coal fired power plants needed a way to transfer coal from a massive stockpile on the property and load barges. Rock Systems was hired to design and build a complete material handling system, including a large front end loader hopper to feed the coal onto overland conveyors which feed the coal onto a telescoping radial stacker, which loads the barges.


The equipment includes the following:


• Rock Systems Model 101-48 Front End Loader Hopper with Hydraulic Tipping Reject Grizzly 

• Rock Systems 36” Wide x 270’ Long Overland Conveyor

• Rock Systems 36” Wide x 330’ Long Overland Conveyor


• Rock Systems 36” Wide x 230’ Long Overland Conveyor


• Thor Model LPT150x36-800 Telescoping Radial Stacker