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Barge Loading System - Rock Systems, Inc.

Los Angeles, California - September 2015


Machado Lake, a 45-acre storm water run-off located at the Ken Malloy Harbor Regional Park in Los Angeles, is undergoing rehabilitation.  The project is the largest project started under Proposition O – a measure passed by California voters in 2004, designed to protect public health by cleaning polluted water resources.  The project includes dredging approximately 239,000 cubic yards of lake sediment and capping the lake bottom with an AquaBlok bio-layer cap.  The cap will create a physical and chemical barrier between water and the residual contaminated sediment.


The capping material must be loaded onto a barge before it can be dispersed into the lake.  The project’s contractor asked Rock Systems to design a barge loading system for this process.


AquaBlok is trucked onto the site where it is dumped into a Rock Systems low profile truck unloader.  The truck unloader feeds a Rock Systems stockpiling conveyor that stockpiles the material onto a barge.  The barge contains an excavator and a 20’ wide hopper/feeder with a full width opening.  The excavator fills the hopper/feeder which accurately disperses the material in a wide pattern to cap the lake bottom.


Equipment used on this project includes the following:

  • Rock Systems Model P104-LP Truck Unloader
  • Rock Systems Model 502-36100 36” Wide x 100’ Long Stockpiling Conveyor