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Bag Filling Station - Rock Systems, Inc.

Bag Filling Station - October 2015


Tracy, California


Rock Systems recently designed and built a bag filling system for an aggregate supplier. The customer needed a way to quickly and accurately fill 1/2 cubic foot polyethylene bags of sand and gravel for retail sale.


The raw material is trucked in bulk to the site and loaded into a gravity flow hopper which is then fed onto a 75’ long transfer conveyor. The transfer conveyor feeds a bag filling station which fills a bag every 3 seconds. The filled bag is then set on a slider bed conveyor which sends it through a hot air sealer. The sealed bag is then loaded on to a pallet, shrink-wrapped with other filled bags and trucked off to retail stores.


Equipment used on this project includes the following:

  • Rock Systems Model 103-10 Gravity Flow Hopper
  • Rock Systems 18” Wide x 75’ Long Transfer Conveyor
  • Rock Systems Bag Filling Station
  • Bosch Doboy HA-800 Hot Air Sealing Station
  • Rock Systems 18” Wide x 25’ Long Slider Bed Conveyor