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Inventory Number: 101-36RF

Rock Systems Model 101-36RF Reclaim Feeder complete as follows:

 a)  6’-7” x 11’ wide hopper opening with 10 tons struck storage capacity (based on material weighing 100 lbs/cu ft.); hopper constructed of 1/4” thick steel plate with 6” x 4” rectangular tubing at the top of the hopper and angle iron reinforcing at the mid-section and bottom section; self-relieving tapered hopper bottom opening to minimize bridging; full length skirtboards with Hercules 3/4" x 6" adjustable rubber flashing to prevent leakage between hopper bottom and belt feeder; radial discharge gate to control material flow from the hopper.

 b)  Heavy duty semi-portable support structure constructed of 4” x 4” square tubing with wide flange beam skid frame. 1/4” plate bulkheads on both sides and rear of structure; 2’ tall vertical front wing extension; 6’ long x 12’ tall folding side wing extensions.

 c)  36” wide roller belt feeder with Nord inverter duty 15 h.p. gearmotor drive; 16” diameter rubber lagged head pulley mounted on 3-7/16” diameter 1045TGP shafting; head pulley nip guards; 8” diameter snub pulley mounted on 1-15/16” diameter 1045TGP shafting; snub pulley guard; 16” diameter self-cleaning tail pulley mounted on 2-7/16” diameter 1045TGP shafting; Dodge SCM pillow block bearings; screw take-up assemblies; tail terminal guard; CEMA “C” 5” diameter conveyor idlers mounted on close centers; heavy duty 4 ply conveyor belting vulcanized endless with 1/4” x 1/16” rubber covers; Flexco Rockline belt scraper with urethane blade.

 d)  One rust inhibitor prime coat and one finish coat gray enamel paint for all equipment; one finish coat safety yellow enamel paint for all guarding.

 e) Variable speed drive wired into main disconnect and mounted on a skid structure.

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